Forum Insights Performance Materials - Summer 2024/ Update Winter 23/24

Alexa Dehmel

Metamorphosis: Colors & Trends Summer 2024

Nora Kuehner

Tool Demonstration: Design Smarter, More Sustainable Products

Paula Bernstein

Journey to Sustainability

Marci Yamasaki, Jody Max


Not Your (Great) Grandparents Antimicrobial...(Silver is Back)

Jason Tetro

How to Leverage Digital Technologies to Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Your CO2 Footprint

Annie Cyr

Digitizing Your Garment Design Process

Elana Frosk


ReGenerative Agriculture - Could This Be What Reverses The Reputation of the Apparel Industry Away From Being Bad for the Planet?

Charles Ross, Megan Meiklejohn

SLOW DOWN! – Relevant Design And True Innovation

Nora Kuehner

Footprint Data for Climate Action

Elana Frosk


Design for Recyclability – Pathway Towards a Substantial Design Culture.

Charles Ross, Alexa Dehmel, Dr. Ruediger Fox

Shifting the Narrative: From Microfiber Crisis to Fiber Fragment Answers

Erika Simmons

Hybrid Lifestyles: Performance Fabrics and the Reinvention of Men’s Apparel

Adrienne Mercante