April 17-18, 2024
Oregon Convention Center



Performance Forum Insights Performance Materials – Summer 2025

Alexa Dehmel

PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kuehner UNFOLDING PATHS Colors & Trends Winter 2024*25

Nora Kuehner

Quantifying the Performance of a System with Several Parts

Dr. Jan Beringer

Breaking it Down: Pilling and Abrasion

Amber Williams

Unlocking a New World of Dynamic Textiles

Dr. Grant Goulet

Global Sustainability for a Global Industry

Maria C. Thiry

ANOTHER TOMORROW - The Evolution Of Sports Clothing & Equipment (Masterclass)

Nora Kuehner


Climate Change – Decarbonization - Circularity. MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

Nora Kuehner

Balancing the Duality between Sustainability and Functionality

Dr. Kedena Henriques-Thompson, Jim Krueger & Antonio Gatti Balsarri

How innovating material feedstocks is changing the game for Naia™

Joy Gruver

Cross-industry Collaboration to Scale Regenerative Agriculture

Zach Angelini

PFAS – Issues and Industry Resources

John Frazier, Will Troutman, Scott Echols & Trent Bush

The Futures of Design

Michelle M. Rose