April 4-5, 2023
Oregon Convention Center




Alexa Dehmel


Further. Rise Up and Future. Colors and Trends Winter '23/'24

Nora Kuehner

Validating Your Sustainability Claims with Accurate Supply Chain Data.

Marci Yamasaki, James Cooper, Jr., PE

Footprint Data for Climate Action

John Frazier


How Apparel Industry Can Accelerate the Journey to a 1.5 World

Jason Kibbey, Charles Ross

University of Oregon Sports Product Management Team Project Presentation

Chase Heiner, Tristan Norbert

Designing for the Future: What's Happening at the Sports Product Design MS Program at the UO

Susan Sokolowski

Sweat Without the Small Stuff for Sustainability

Jason Tetro


Keynote: How Trusted Data Helps Business Sustainable

Daniel Etra



Charles Ross

Shifting Horizons. The Future is Now.

Nora Kuehner

Why Realistic Avatars Matter

Jan Beringer

State of the Industry/Functional Fabrics

Adrienne Mercante, Susan Sokolowski, Chase Anderson, Hans Kohn, Tracey Cottingham, Chris Parkes

Quality, Not Quantity. New Brands

Charles Ross


Not Enough Focus, Too Much Marketing

Kim Scholze, Alexa Dehmel, Dr. Rudiger Fox


Regenerative Futures

Tsveti Enlow 


Tool Demonstration: Design Smarter More Sustainable Products

Daniel Etra

Marmot and Moss: Fabric Innovation and Archives

Chase Anderson