Functional Fabric Fair USA - OCT 22-23, 2019 -  OREGON CONVENTION CENTER | PORTLAND OR, USA

Dedicated Focus Topics

2020 FOCUS TOPIC – Inspired by Nature

After many years of inaction, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon in terms of sustainability and ecological responsibility. Our best choice is just around the corner: Sustainable fabrics, local production and gentle natural finishings are becoming increasingly important. As a result, people are turning to authentic natural materials, the simplest way to care about our environment: Garments made of natural fibers are predominantly biodegradable, while the brushed inside of a wool-, hemp- or Tencel sweater refrains from releasing hazardous micro-plastic into the sea.

2019 FOCUS TOPIC – Water: Our Responsibility

Of all the water that exists on our planet, roughly 97% is saltwater and less than 3% is freshwater. Most of Earth’s freshwater is frozen in glaciers, ice caps, or is deep underground in aquifers. Less than 1% of Earth’s water is freshwater that is easily accessible to us to meet our needs, and most of that water is replenished by precipitation—a vital component of the water cycle, affecting every living thing on Earth.