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Advanced Natural Wellbeing

Fabrics for Summer 2023

This is about energizing the mind, body and soul through the power of enhanced fabrics. In these times of new work-life balance, self-care as well as the focus on physical and mental wellness, we welcome innovative approaches for advanced purpose values in natural sustainable fabrics.

Brands will be able to offer materials to their health and beauty conscious consumers with newest beneficial treatments like “Cool Summer Touch”, "Luxury Care", "Slim Care", natural “Anti-Odor”, "Young Skin", uplifting encapsulated scents as well as using "The pioneering REFIBRA™” technology or plant-based Abacell® (Abacá).

The carefully chosen fabric selection from the digital forum of “The Loop” by PERFORMANCE DAYS & FUNCTIONAL FABRIC FAIR exhibitors may contribute to inspire forward-thinking collections reflecting the new consumer demands.

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100% Organic Cotton


GOTS certicated fabric finished with "Cool Summer Touch" treatment. The Cool Summer Touch treatment adds to the fabric a very soft, fresh touch and an effect of sophistication and gracefulness

Knit Fabrics


BulkyStretchTM – KN7051S

High-density Knit Baselayer

100% Polyester recycl.


Inspired by hot and humid climates we have come up with a fabric that is not only superlight weight but protects the wearer from mosquitoes and UV light. By using a unique knit construction, we have made this fabric mechanical-mosquito repellent not by using any chemical finish. The mono-material makes it 100% recyclable and can be put in a closed-loop recycling thus striking a balance between functionality and sustainability.

Knit Fabrics, High Abrasion,
Quick Dry, Stretch,

Bluesign, Mono Component





5% Elastan/Spandex, 48% Organic Cotton, 47% TENCELTM


The Fabric is organic cotton Refibra Tencel elastane jersey. "The pioneering REFIBRA™ technology involves upcycling cotton scraps from garment production. These cotton scraps are transformed into cotton pulp. A substantial proportion of this is added to wood pulp, and the combined raw material is transformed to produce new virgin TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers to make fabrics and garments."Lenzing. Fabric has natural softness with Lanolin finish. Lanolin is healing power of the nature. Anti-bacterial finish makes it comfortable and healthy to wear by inhibiting the multiplication of odor causing bacteria.

Knit Fabrics, Anti-Odor

Stretch, Biodegradable



Single Jersey

100% Organic Cotton


Fabric finsihed with "Young Skin" treatment. The Young Skin treatment ensures in the meshes the ability to defend our skin against environmental aggressions. Provides a pleasant sensation of comfort to the body, as well as moisturizes and improves blood circulation. This behavior is fundamentally due to the aloe Vera component, which is widely used in traditional medicine due to its beneficial nutrients. Given its characteristics, the treatment has its maximized effect on clothing used next-to-skin.

Finishes – Treatments

 Knit Fabric




50% Cotton, 24% TENCELTM, 26% ABACELL


100% biodegradable Twill that Bridges the Gap between Paper and Textile. This fabric is made from a plant-based Abacell®(Abacá) fiber traditionally used for paper making in Japan. With a Paper-like feel and great tensile strength, this item also has kind-to-skin benefits such as antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and odor-resistant qualities.

Woven Fabric, Anti-Odor,

Quick Dry, Biodegradable Fleece


SceNTL – Citrus Blend



SceNTL® is a unique range of bio-based, encapsulated fragrances that can be integrated onto the fabric and are gradually released over time. Upon release, the fragrances appeal to the senses, promoting relaxation, well-being and feel-good sensations. The range uses traceable raw materials and an external lab has confirmed that the bio-content of the fragrances is above 85%. This sample has been treated with a Citrus Blend, which contains Limonene, a component found in the peel of citrus fruits that is clinically proven to have an uplifting effect.

Finishes – Treatments




Ribknit Jersey

50% Modal, 50% Organic Cotton


Fabric finished with "Slim Care" treatment. Slim Care is an innovative treatment that uses a microcapsule technology with a biological and biodegradable basis, built with sugars and proteins that improves the aspect of the skin and has slimming effects. Enzymes in the skin bio-degrade the capsule walls, releasing the active ingredients slowly. This treatment provides aesthetic and health benefits in tune wiht a soft fabric touch. Slim Care is ideal for clothing in contact with the skin.

Finishes – Treatments,

Knit Fabrics



Single Jersey

95% Bamboo 5% Elastan/Spandex


Fabric finished with "Luxury Care" treatment. The Luxury Care is designed as a concentrated softener that has at the base of its composition argan oil, which gives great softness, an elegant touch and a silk effect to the knitting. This treatment increases well-being, promoting cell renewal and gives a touch of excellence to tissues. The Luxury Care is ideal for next-to-skin clothing.

Finishes - Treatments

Knit Fabrics

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Join Alexa as she shares a sneak peek of her personal favorite, PERFORMANCE FORUM submissions. Get an exclusive first look at the jury's selections of the most innovative fabric and accessories development highlights for Summer 2023. 

A Special thank you to Alexa Dehmel, Material Stories Curator, for providing the stories, imagery and incredible insight into our industry.

Alexa Dehmel
Active Sports Design & Consulting

Alexa Dehmel has over 30 years of broad and deep expertise in the fashion industry and a high level of professional competence. She maintains an extensive network of leading experts as well as personal connections to relevant cooperation partners and supporters, which she contributes profitably to her customers and the industry. Her work in various roles in the fashion, textile and sportswear industry with a focus on design and collection development, in teaching, as an independent entrepreneur and as a recognized contributor to the industry, makes her a valued contact. After her visionary start-up project, BARTENSTEIN Academy had to close due to the 2020 situation, she is now offering her market experience and service for new projects via her agency again.