Functional Fabric Fair USA - OCT 22-23, 2019 -  OREGON CONVENTION CENTER | PORTLAND OR, USA

Materials Story

Resourceful Developments

With the present Covid-19 situation, where we are told that staycations are on the rise and the future of gyms uncertain, do we have to think about stay-at-home styles, homecycling, backyard camping and garden workout?

We must if the industry stands for a more respectful and sustainable future. The following keywords are important for functional clothing: Futureproof, innovative, versatile, intelligent, performing and protective.

In this newsletter we would like to recap different fantastic developments in a couple of categories:

  • For a baselayer you will find silky smooth collagen yarn, biodegradable jersey and fancy pigment piqué stripe.
  • For shirts there is a non-toxic reflective glow in the dark print on jersey as well as a highly breathable tech-check with Aero-Tech technology.
  • A power-dry anti-bacterial and antiviral fleece quality is offered for a midlayer.
  • In pant fabrics you will find a recycled polyester cotton blend and a dope dyed + stretch nylon fabric.
  • Be inspired by a waterproof, breathable engineered seamless woven jaquard with cordura for performance jackets.
  • The colors follow the trend of natural dyes, mineral tones plus accents by coral.

You will once again be able to order physical samples and/or download the 3D files (.axf files) of the fabrics. 


Reflective Shirt Fabric, 91% Polyester, 9% Elastan/Spandex, 155g

Non-toxic reflective and glow in the dark print

Knit Fabrics, Refelective / High Visibility 


Ventilating Shirt Fabric, 53% Polyamide, 47% Polyester, 88g

Exclusively developed Aero-Tech combines seesucker, ventilation holes and fine ripple appearance.

Woven Fabrics, Quick Dry,
Stretch, Thermoregulation
UV Protection 50+, Bluesign


Knitted Baselayer/ Yoga-Swimwear
88% Nylon, 12% Elastan/Spandex

Silky smooth collagen yarn with good moisture regain, deodorizing, with excellent color fastness.

Knit Fabrics, Odor Management,


Biodegradable Baselayer, 100% Recycled PET Biodegradable, 140g

GREENONE biodegradable yarn. Biodegration in the ocean 30 days degraded 7.58%. Biodegration under landfill 264 days degraded 24.1%. Same functional properties as virgin polyester.

Knit Fabrics, Quick Dry,


Midlayer Fleece, 93% Polyester,
7% Elastan/Spandex, 230g

Power-dry, thermal, two-tone, antibacterial, anti-viral.

Knit Fabrics, Quick Dry,


Piqué for Polos, 97% Polyester,
3% Elastan/Spandex, 159g

Single knit piqué stripe with pigment print.

Knit Fabrics, Printable,
Stretch, Bluesign


Sustainable Pants Fabric,
84% Polyester recycle.,
16% Cotton, 222g

Recycled polyester and cotton blended material. Great handfeel.

Woven Fabrics, Stretch, Bluesign,
Fluocarbon Free Repellent


Durable Pants Fabric, 51% Polyamide,
44% Nylon66, 9% Elastan/Spandex 126g

Weft yarn is dope dyed. Best strength through blend of nylon with nylon 6.6 and best comfort with added stretch.

Woven Fabrics, High Abrasion,


Woven Jacquard 2Layer Fabric
20k/20k, 93% Polyamide,
7% Elastan/Spandex, 190g

High Performance Fabric, engineered seamless woven jacquard with cordura fiber. PFC free DWR.

Woven Fabrics, High Abrasion,
Stretch, Waterproof & Breathable,
Fluocarbon Free Repellent


Cooling Polo Shirt Fabric, 66% Cotton,
17% brrr® Polyester, 17% brrr® Nylon, 150g

Made with brrr® cooling technology, the triple chill effect. This includes minerals, active wicking and rapid drying.

Knit Fabrics, Printable,
Quick Dry, Stretch,

The Importance of Implementing 3D Fabrics in Our Textile Life

Join Alexa Dehmel live on Monday, January 18 as she highlights her top picks from the Summer 2022 Performance Forum. Featuring a carefully curated selection of the most innovative fabrics from Functional Fabric Fair suppliers, participants* will get first access to download digitized, 3D files provided by our partners at X-Rite™.

A Special thank you to Alexa Dehmel, Material Stories Curator, for providing the stories, imagery and incredible insight into our industry.

Alexa Dehmel
Active Sports Design & Consulting

Alexa Dehmel has over 30 years of broad and deep expertise in the fashion industry and a high level of professional competence. She maintains an extensive network of leading experts as well as personal connections to relevant cooperation partners and supporters, which she contributes profitably to her customers and the industry. Her work in various roles in the fashion, textile and sportswear industry with a focus on design and collection development, in teaching, as an independent entrepreneur and as a recognized contributor to the industry, makes her a valued contact. After her visionary start-up project, BARTENSTEIN Academy had to close due to the 2020 situation, she is now offering her market experience and service for new projects via her agency again.