Functional Fabric Fair USA - OCT 22-23, 2019 -  OREGON CONVENTION CENTER | PORTLAND OR, USA

Materials Story

Futureproof Fitness Materials

We live in a new time where COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for change in the textile industry. Health, comfort and beauty conscious clothes are key demands for our hybrid lives. Our homes have become multipurpose spaces, such as offices, school or places for activity. We have experienced a new work-life balance and self-care.

The focus of this newsletter is beauty, defense, wellness, anti-aging, healing and restoring. We also welcome more purposeful and innovative approaches for sustainability.

The exhibitors of FUNCTIONAL FABRIC FAIR powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS exhibitors provided some beautiful fabrics for the forum such as environmentally-friendly baselayer with SeaWool™, Collagen baselayer with Umorfil®, midlayer spacer with TENCEL™ and SeaCell™, super soft midlayer with TENCEL™ and smartcell™, single jersey with ROICA™, single jersey with brrrr® technology, super 3D midlayer knit, super mechanical stretch leggings fabric with no elastane, cosy leggings fabric with Nylon Tactel and performance knit with extra twisted yarn for even more stretch.

May the carefully chosen fabric selection contribute to forward-thinking collections respecting the new consciousness. As always, you can download the 3D files (.axf files) and order physical samples of the fabrics.


SeaWool Baselayer
48% Polyester, 52% SeaWoolTM

The oyster shell which naturally contains minerals that makes the yarn have anti-odor, moisture management and quick dry properties. The raw material of SeaWoolTM is recycled PET bottles and oyster shell powder. It has exceptional warmth, and environment friendly components from the ocean and post cosumer product as the perfect example of Circular Economy.

Knit Fabrics, Odor Management,
Quick Dry, Stretch,
Thermoregulation, Recycled

GAC Corp.

Collagen Baselayer
52.5% Polyamide, 12.5% Elastan/Spandex, 35% Umorfil®

This fabric is a beautiful blend of nylon, elastane and Umorfil®. Umorfil® is the collagen yarn originating from recycled fish scale. Umorfil® provides superior skin care alongside other properties such as anti-odor, anti-static and others. It is extremely soft and suitable for sensitive skin.

Knit Fabrics, Odor Management,
Quick Dry, Recycled



Double-Knit Spacer Midlayer Fabric
11% Lycra®, 15% TencelTM, 65% Viscose, 9% Lyocell (SeaCellTM)

The fabric is largely made from sustainable rayon and rayon blends with Lycra®. The unique design of the water-repellent rayon layer allows perspiration to pass out the baselayer, keeping the skin cool and comfortable. The double-knit provides possibility for versatile color appearance. The 4way stretch with the above property makes the fabric ideal for sportswear and athleisure apparel.

Knit Fabrics, Quick Dry



Super Soft Midlayer Knit
43% TencelTM, 5% Elastan/Spandex, 47% Viscose, 5% Lyocell (smartcelTM sensitive)

The fabric is made from sustainable rayon blends and Lyocell. The water-repellent rayon blend layer is a relatively invention from plant-based extracts, which shrug off water and keeps body dry. The outer layer, interwoven in different color, provides possibility for versatile design for yoga clothing and activewear.

Knit Fabric, Odor Management,
Quick Dry, Stretch,
UV Protection 50+


Mini structure Single Jersey
49% Polyester, 11% Elastan/Spandex, 40% Nylon

Odor neutralizing function by ROICA CF yarn (recycled elastane). Inherent, long-lasting effectiveness. Wash durable.

Knit Fabrics, Odor Management,



Soft cooling Single Jersey
18% brrr® Polyester, 18% brrr® Nylon, 58% Modal/Rayon

Made with brrr® cooling technology, the triple chill effect. This includes natural cooling minerals, active wicking, rapid drying.

Knit Fabrics, Printable,
Quick Dry, Stretch,


3D Structured Midlayer
87% Cotton, 3% Elastan/Spandex, 10% XT2

Performance 3D armour look structured knit.
Anti-bacteria, odor-control, anti-static.

Knit Fabrics, Odor Management





Everyday Leggings
100% Polyester

Cottony handfeel by exceptionally twisted yarn technology other than regular piece dye stretch product. Provides good shape and soft touch for everyday or casual wear. Performance durable water repellency and four-way stretch offers multiple function. Anti-bacterial, anti-UV or anti-odor change can be added.

Knit Fabrics, Printable,
Stretch, Bluesign


Cosy Leggings
25% Elastan/Spandex, 75% Nylon Tactel

A higher percentage of spandex with peach on back to maximize the wearing comfort and better coverability. Nylon tactel yarn dyed ensures soft hand feel as well as durability and comfort that exceeds natural materials.

Knit Fabrics, Stretch


Performance Midlayer
6% Elastan/Spandex, 94% Nylon

Silky smooth Collagen yarn that ensures better moisture regain. Deodorizing effect and excellent color fastness.

Knit Fabrics, Odor Management


Protective Performance in Fibers & Treatments

Join Alexa as she talks about protective materials becoming central to everyday living. Learn about anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial as well as defensive fibers and treatments.

A Special thank you to Alexa Dehmel, Material Stories Curator, for providing the stories, imagery and incredible insight into our industry.

Alexa Dehmel
Active Sports Design & Consulting

Alexa Dehmel has over 30 years of broad and deep expertise in the fashion industry and a high level of professional competence. She maintains an extensive network of leading experts as well as personal connections to relevant cooperation partners and supporters, which she contributes profitably to her customers and the industry. Her work in various roles in the fashion, textile and sportswear industry with a focus on design and collection development, in teaching, as an independent entrepreneur and as a recognized contributor to the industry, makes her a valued contact. After her visionary start-up project, BARTENSTEIN Academy had to close due to the 2020 situation, she is now offering her market experience and service for new projects via her agency again.