PERFORMANCE FORUM Insights Performance Materials/Footwear/Innovation – Winter 2025

Alexa Dehmel

Sustainable Myths and Realities: Making Sense from a Whole Lot of Noise

Kevin Myette

Colors & Trends PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kuehner Update Summer 2025 | Kickoff Winter 2025*26 

Nora Kuehner

Developing a Sustainability Roadmap

John Frazier

Unseen: Discover What Lies Beneath to Emerge Colorfully Optimistic for A/W 2024/2025

Tannese Williams

BioLon – The Next Generation Fiber from Polartec. Everything You Need to Know!

Aimee LaValley

Sourcing Moisture – Managing Textiles: A Designer’s Guide

Amber S. Williams

Developing True Design Leadership to Drive New Innovation

Michelle Rose


Get Your Sustainability Message Through Without Greenwashing or Greenhushing – 5 Steps to Authentic Sustainability Communication

Ana Kristiansson

Crunch Time: Product Development in Transition

Nora Kuehner

The Recycling “Bottle”neck – Why Fibre-to-Fibre is the Only Viable Option to Serve Our Recycling Commitments

Dr. Rüdiger Fox

Waterproofing – Development, Claims, and Legal Issues

Tim Sherry, Dr. Jan Beringer, Jeffrey Margulies & Jeremy Strangeland

Sustainability Through Functionalization: How the Right Fabric Choices Can Help Brands Meet Their Goals

Nikki Huffman

It’s All About Data – The DNA of Your Products

Joe Walkuski & Hanna Reichel

The Factory of the Future

KD Shih