Easily collect and qualify leads with a simple scan of a badge using the free Emperia Lead Retrieval App.


  • Efficient – collect leads by quickly scanning an attendee’s badge through the app, using your mobile device. No need to collect business cards to take handwritten notes.
  • Faster Follow Up – download leads directly to your CRM for easy follow up.

How It Works

Before the Show

  • Receive login credentials via an email sent to you 2 weeks before the show.
  • Download the Emperia Lead Retrieval App.
  • Log in using the credentials from the email. Share credentials with your booth staff.

During the Show

  • Tap to scan badge and scan the QR code on the attendee’s badge.
  • Take notes about your new lead by the comment field at the bottom of the screen.
  • Download lead report at any time, using the direct link provided with your company code. You will also receive an email at the end of each day with the link.

After the Show

  • Receive post-show email to access your leads through the direct link to download your lead reports.
  • View, sort & download leads directly into your CRM.
  • Follow up with your leads within a week to increase ROI and keep the conversation going.

Need Help?

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