Forum Insights Performance Materials - Winter 24/25 – Update Summer 25

Alexa Dehmel

Colors & Trends Summer 2024 and beyond

Nora Kuehner

The Path to Carbon Neutral: Pragmatic or Problematic?

Joe Walkuski, Ben Galphin, Ruth Kelly, Jan Berenger, Cheryl Smyre

Grounded: Turning Design Research into Reality

Jack Dorrance


Kamp Kit: A Brief History of Outdoor Gear

Chase Anderson

Meeting Sustainability Targets with Plant-Based, Low Carbon Materials

Jason Robinson, Gerald Alvoet

Comparing Impact for Product Development

Jan Berenger

Textile and Apparel Sustainability Measurement (Higg, bluesign, & others): What got us here and is the vision clear

Kevin Myette

What’s in Your Design Toolbox: Emerging Digital Technologies in Sports Product Design

Aarya Rohan Ghule, Chris Stone, and Michael Orlow

Creating Community Through Struktur

Michelle M. Rose, Emily Walzer, Bob Smith, Stephen Kerns, Adrienne Mercante


Not Your (Great) Grandparents Antimicrobial…Silver Is Back

Jason Tetro

Designing Diversity In Outdoor Sports

Nora Kuehner

Consumption: The Elephant-in-the-Room We Aren't Discussing!
Charles Ross

Charles Ross

Innovation, Greener Chemistry & Collaboration

John Frazier, Martin Flora

Designing for Circularity: A Conversation on the Future of Design and Creating Products to be Remade

Brian La Plante