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Functional Fabric Fair Portland – Fall 2021

Fireside Chat: The Industry Takes Their Sustainability Lead From Patagonia

Company: Patagonia

Date: Wednesday, Nov 17th

Time: 4:30 PM

In a new format to the exhibition this presentation will take the form of a fireside chat with Pasha Whitmire who has to decode the marketing messages around fiber developments to see if actual progress has been made. Following the theme of the show - the Sustainable Future of Nylon - this conversation will investigate bio-plastics, recycled fibers, the Circular Economy approach, plus the Supply Chain; plus how easy is it to lead in this area. Interviewing him will be Charles Ross.

Speaker: Charles Ross

Speaker Title: Specialist in Performance Sportswear Design

Speaker Bio: Having started his Outward Bound career in New Hampshire Charles returned to a wet, cold, windy & dark England - he soon decided to concentrate on the clothing systems that ensured a more comfortable life. Graduating out of University just as the first program in Performance Sportswear Design was being planned he joined the teaching team & has continued to deliver this subject for over two decades. He is now based at the Royal College of Art, in London where he is allowed to be a fabric geek. It is said his best skill is being able to explain the complex in a manner that all can understand, the most interesting work he does is being a member of The Do Lecture team, but he is most proud of his graduates. He has become a regular on the stage at Performance Days & The Functional Fabric Fair where he moderates current issues.

Speaker: Pasha Whitmire

Speaker Title:  Material Development Lead

Speaker Bio: Pasha Whitmire leads synthetic material development at Patagonia. He has developed new supply chains around diverting ocean plastic waste, and is constantly working to innovate better materials to create products that promote a positive interaction between people and the planet. As someone who cares deeply about the health of our planet, he’s honest about the dilemma of working in an industry that has a negative impact on the environment, while simultaneously trying to design better solutions.