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Functional Fabric Fair Portland – Fall 2021

Keynote: Confronting the Grand Challenge of Climate Change

Company: Cornell University

Date: Thursday, Nov 18th

Time: 1:30 PM

Climate change is affecting the world around us in many ways including the plant- and animal-based products vital to the apparel business. The entire supply chain starting with on-farm production is at increasing risk from intensifying weather, floods, droughts, and much more. But like food, apparel is especially relevant to everyone and the changes that are occurring can be used to raise awareness and action on climate change. “Not my denim please!” It’s a story that needs to be told. Individually and collectively we also need to raise our voices, foster climate literacy, support the stewards of the land, and seek a common ground. As tenants of planet Earth, we must confront climate change, together.

Speaker: Michael Hoffmann

Speaker Title:  Professor Emeritus

Speaker Bio: Mike Hoffmann is driven to help people fully grasp the greatest challenge of our time and the need to take action at scale, and now. He typically uses the foods we love and need but also the clothes we wear — life’s essentials — to tell this story. His message is filled with passion, truth, optimism, and humor but also urgency and empowerment. Mike’s life’s experiences include growing up on a one-cow dairy farm, serving in the Marines during the Vietnam War, being a father, and many years in leadership roles at Cornell University, where he now holds the title of Professor Emeritus. He will tell the climate change story, until he can no longer.