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Functional Fabric Fair Portland – Fall 2021

Graduate Student Presentation

Company: Utah State University

Date: Wednesday, Nov 17th

Time: 3:30 PM

Hear from Chase Anderson and Cory Griffey from Utah State University as they discuss the heritage of design and how you can find inspiration using archives, as well as, how to integrate 3D to streamline the apparel design process.

Speaker: Chase Anderson

Speaker Title: Program Coordinator for the Outdoor Product Design & Development

Speaker Bio: Chase Anderson is the Program Coordinator for the Outdoor Product Design & Development (OPDD) program at Utah State University (USU). Chase leads the program’s industry outreach and marketing strategy. In addition, Chase has championed the university’s Outdoor Recreation Archive which preserves print materials from the history of the outdoor industry. Prior to his work in academy, Chase worked in brand marketing for leading fitness company, ICON Fitness as well as Cotopaxi.

Speaker: Cory Griffey

Speaker Title:  Senior Student

Speaker Bio: Cory is a Senior student in the OPDD program at Utah State University. He recently completed an apparel design internship with Under Armour and is passionate about developing his design abilities, particularly working in 3D.