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Functional Fabric Fair Portland – Fall 2021

Product Development in Between Working With Hands and Digital Simulation

Company: Nora Kühner Fashion

Date: Thursday, Nov 18th

Time: 10:45 AM

Fueled by the pandemic, the digitalization of the product development processes has gained immense momentum. Guaranteeing more sustainability, shorter lead times and closer-to-the-market product offers? But is digitalization truly a chance to do things better and in the right way? How will the role of designers and product developers evolve at the intersection of technology, society and economy?

Nora Kühner traces the ways that have the potential to foster a true paradigm shift in the textile and clothing industry. Get inspired!

Speaker: Nora Kühner

Speaker Title:  Design & Consultant

Speaker Bio: After her studies at the renowned Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode in Munich (Germany), Nora immersed herself deeply into the world of sport and design. For many years she has been committed to develop sportswear collections. Working for many well-known international brands in the fields of ski, golf, tennis, soccer, swimwear and fitness has always been both challenge and inspiration. Entering the stages of major trade fairs (like OutDoor show, ISPO Munich and PERFORMANCE DAYS) to deliver trend speeches meant the thrilling start of a new phase in her professional career. Today Nora’s scope of work is mainly centred around trend forecasting and creative consultancy. She describes herself as a collector, observer and storyteller, reframing the way we live, produce and use by thinking beyond the conventional. Excited by shaping the future and sharing knowledge, she founded the international Masterclass project in 2015. A workshop project for students from all around the globe, dedicated to fresh and and innovative design concepts.