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Functional Fabric Fair Portland – Fall 2021

A Tool to Help Brands Understand the Chemical Safety Coverage of Their Materials and Products

Company: Texbase & Hohenstein

Date: Wednesday, Nov 17th

Time: 2:30 PM

Developing a chemical strategy for a brand or retailer can be an intimidating process. Consumer safety, the environment and your reputation depend on your responsible engagement. We will discuss the scale of the challenge, where your risks are, how to prioritize them - and most of all - how to make progress. Before reinventing the wheel, tap into the many tools already well developed.

Speaker: Marci Yamasaki

Speaker Title: Strategic Business Developer

Speaker Bio: Marci Yamasaki manages Strategic Business Development at Texbase, she is responsible for client success, quality control and business development strategy. She has over 20 years of experience in the apparel and consumer products industries. Marci works closely with key accounts to optimize use and functionality of the Texbase system while also helping to drive sales, marketing and technical support.

Speaker: John Frazier

Speaker Title: Senior Technical Director

Speaker Bio: John Frazier serves as the Senior Technical Director for Hohenstein Institute America. In this role, he works with brands, manufacturers and chemical companies to develop tools and programs that enable more sustainable manufacturing of apparel and footwear. John is also active in Green Chemistry efforts, previously serving on advisory boards for ACS-GCI, GC3 and NGC. Prior to joining Hohenstein in 2016, John served as the GM and Senior Director of Chemistry for Nike. In this role he worked on safer and greener chemistry, water stewardship, product innovation, and establishing and promoting cross-brand collaborations, including AFIRM and ZDHC. John holds a MS in Chemistry from San Diego State University and a BS in chemistry from Northern Arizona University.