• JULY 19-20, 2021

2020 FFF Expert Talks - Live Webinar Series

Social Impact is the New Black: Where the fashion and apparel industry is going wrong with diversity

Panel Discussion

Date: Monday, July 20

Time: 11:30 AM EDT

Amidst a life-altering pandemic and global protests against police brutality, organizations spanning every industry have been tasked with taking a sobering look at how they have been complicit in or the beneficiaries of perpetual, systemic oppression. We've seen the headlines and have received, ad nauseum, the messages of overnight activism that have permeated our inboxes, screens, and interpersonal conversations—but many are missing the mark. In this multi-part panel discussion,  inspired and led by Sourcing Journal's editorial director, Tara Donaldson, participants will be given a front row seat to hear from fashion and apparel industry leaders who will share their perspective on how we move the industry forward.

Panelists include: Brittany Sierra, Founder, The Sustainable Fashion Forum; Gus Harris, Sourcing and Design Director, Mizzen + Main; Tricia Langman, Co-Founder & Designer, Spoogi

Speaker: Tara Donaldson; Editorial Director, Sourcing Journal (moderator); Brittany Sierra, Founder, The Sustainable Fashion Forum

Speaker Title: Editorial Director, Sourcing Journal