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Functional Fabric Fair Portland – Fall 2021

Transparent Lifecycle Analysis

Company: Hohenstein

Date: Wednesday, Nov 17th

Time: 12:30 PM

A 2019 OEKO-TEX® pilot project developed methods for calculating the carbon and water footprint at each stage of a product's life. It also studied other LCA impact categories such as acidification, human health and ecosystem quality. The data will be integrated for suppliers this year and eventually on product labels for consumers . Join us to learn how we can leverage this data and lower our industry's impact.

Speaker: Ben Mead

Speaker Title: Managing Director

Speaker Bio: Ben Mead serves as the Managing Director of Hohenstein Institute America. In this role, he serves as the company’s liaison with government agencies, industry collaborations and trade associations. He also oversees OEKO-TEX® responsibilities for the U.S. Prior to joining Hohenstein in 2014, Ben consulted with various brands and industry associations, including Textile Exchange and AFIRM. In those roles, Ben established partnerships with industry leaders and experts to increase industry engagement in green chemistry and sustainable textile processing. While working for Nike, Ben helped develop a restricted substances program and was involved in the implementation of sustainable materials and water programs. Ben holds degrees in Chemistry and Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University and a certificate in Green Chemistry from the University of Washington.